War on Christianity

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The war on Christianity in America is really heating up.  According to a documentary hosted by Rick Santorum, we are only a generation away from Christians having no religious freedom.  While he cites no actual evidence of this (religion doesn’t require evidence), I took his claim very seriously and did some research to verify this atrocity.  According to the IRS and a host of other charity tracking sources, there are over 350,000 churches in the US.  To put this in perspective, we have roughly 100,000 schools and 6,000 hospitals.  That’s 3.5 times as many churches than schools and almost 60 times the number of hospitals.  I guess if you can’t get that cancer treatment, at least you’ll have a place to pray for a cure.

So they have a lot of buildings, that doesn’t prove there isn’t a war being waged here.  They must be getting crushed financially, right?  In 2012, donations to churches were estimated in excess of one hundred billion dollars (with a “B”).  This accounts for over 30% of all charitable giving in that year.  And that is 100% tax exempt.  In comparison, Cargill, the largest company in the US made roughly 60 billion dollars in US revenue.  Meaning that the collective church community is the largest domestic revenue producer in the US.  What the fuck Santorum, you guys are swimming in cash!  I have to be missing something.

What’s that Rick?  Oh, it’s the legal system that’s beating you down.  But there was that whole Catholic priest pedophile thing.  What were the numbers on that again?  Oh, I have them right here.  By 2010, there were nearly 5,000 priests accused of some form of child abuse, and according to the Jay Report only 130 were convicted.  Many serving less than 2 years.  According to the same report, many priests were moved by the church before an investigation could be conducted.  Children were literally raped by the very people they were supposed to trust implicitly, and 97% of the alleged rapists were essentially diplomatically immune from the law.  Jesus Fucking Christ.

Now I’m just perplexed.  If anyone was at war with Christianity, they’d get their ass kicked.  They have more infrastructure than anyone, make more money, and have almost no accountability to the laws or federal government.  Hell, Hobby Lobby won an exemption this year from paying for certain birth control because of their “deeply held religious beliefs.”  Christianity is literally above the fucking law.  You know what Rick?  I figured it out.  Christianity is the spoiled rich kid at a party with lower and middle class kids.  When he got his piece of cake he bitched that it didn’t have the big chunk of frosting from the giant frosting flower on it.  Christianity doesn’t know what actual problems are.  They claim persecution when anything doesn’t go their way, when in essence it is probably the first time they were treated like everyone else.

Blacks were persecuted.  Native Americans nearly wiped off the land.  Hell, an entire gender regardless of race were oppressed.  Even today, homosexuals are fighting (against Christianity btw) to get the same rights as heterosexual couples.  Rick, I think you need to look up the word persecution, because I do not think that word means what you think it means.  That said, I understand why you did the documentary, and why they are working the sequel to God’s Not Dead.  You get over $100 billion every single year.  I mean, you have to do something with all that money.  Sure, you could feed kids that go to school hungry everyday, but that’s not a good investment.  A solid “B” religious film brings in a huge return… so I can’t say I blame you.

One thing confuses me though.  It’s those pesky ten commandments you guys keep putting up in public places.  Oh no, I wasn’t going to harass you about the whole separation of church and state violation… no.  I appreciate that you post it so openly, because now that I get to read them all the time, I have them memorized.   My question was about the tenth commandment, “thou shall not covet.”  The direct translation is that we shouldn’t want the possessions of others.  Do you guys get around that commandment by just having everything, leaving you with nothing left to want?  I’m going to assume that’s the case, since I wouldn’t want you violating your covenant with god.  So going with that scenario and knowing that you can’t covet, maybe you can do me a favor?  Stop bitching, because it sounds a lot like coveting and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go to Hell.




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