Grand Ole Pessimists

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The party of small government.  That has been the mission of the GOP since inception.  Intended to be the voice of the people, in the face of a potentially tyrannical government, the GOP was born to represent the people and the rights of states.  Regardless of political differences, the Republican party stood for the individual, liberty and freedom.  This is what was written in 1856 in Philadelphia.  How far they have fallen?  As of this year, this is the party that has led the biggest congressional investigation in history.  The most committees (10), the longest duration (3 years), the most expensive ($6,000,000), and all of this without a single charge or indictment.  That’s right, the Benghazi investigation exceeded Watergate on every conceivable measure and the only known accomplishment it achieved (according to Kevin McCarthy who, as of today, who is no longer pursuing the Speaker of the House position) is hurting Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.

Anyone who reads my posts knows that I am not a fan of the Republican party.  This isn’t about bias, it is about facts.  Over the last 7 years, the Republican party has not accomplished a single significant outcome.  Even in their efforts to block their opposition’s outcomes they have failed, and done so with futile consistency.  Over 50 times the Republicans in Congress have voted against the Affordable Care Act, with full knowledge that these were largely symbolic votes.  What an unbelievable waste of resources.  The party that is supposed to be the champion of the people has clearly lost its way.  A key indicator of this is that Trey Gowdy, the leader of the Benghazi investigation, is now a serious contender for the Speaker of the House.  What exactly is this party hoping to accomplish?  Besides stopping others from accomplishing anything?  Which they have also proven to be inept at doing.

It begs an important question.  Who is actually voting for these people, and why?  Maybe you believe Obama is the anti-Christ. Fine.  What is your proposed solution?  Because so far, the only platform offered by the current GOP presidential candidates is to unwind everything Obama has done.  In tangible terms, this means taking health insurance from over 10 million people, potentially starting another war in Iran, and most importantly infringing on the rights of over 100 million women.  One candidate, Huckabee, is willing to use his potential executive power to bring in the military to do so.   Again, I want to reiterate, I am fully aligned to the original promise of the GOP.  Who wouldn’t be?  Liberty, small government, and an assurance that our government is FOR the people not against them.  It is what the American dream was built upon.  Unfortunately, that is the polar opposite of the what the current Republican platform stands for.

The majority of the Republican presidential candidates believe that Judeo-Christian principles supersede the constitution.  Nevermind the First Amendment, or the fact that the bible describes the appropriate way to beat a slave, or an actual dollar amount that should be paid to a father of a rape victim.  These factors don’t figure into the equation of the typical Republican voter.  They stand for individualism, not some social doctrine.  They aren’t going to give in to the Liberal Media machine.  No, they think for themselves, right?  Except they don’t.  The cognitive dissonance represented by this alleged informed voter group is beyond insanity.  Their principles only align to those that agree with the party line.  In other words, groupthink.

I can’t emphasize this part enough.  I would be a Republican if it weren’t for Republicans.  I believe in freedom, liberty, and most of all an open debate on issues that matter.  But that isn’t what Republicans are anymore.  They are the Doublespeak as outlined in George Orwell’s 1984.  They are the secret thought police who believe it is ok to tap your phones, enact religious tests for office, and they will call you out publicly the moment you go off script.  As they did with Kevin McCarthy.  So when you go to the polls in 2016, ask yourself if your candidate really represents what you believe.  Not what they tell you that you should believe, but what you actually believe is right.  Otherwise, you are conformist.  Which is the opposite of what a Republican is supposed to be.

I’ll close with a simple thought.  What do I believe the ideal Republican would do?  He or she would represent what an individual would want.  The right to choose, the right to make their own decision, they believe you need a reason to make something illegal.. not legal, and most of all, they would allow the debate to happen.  It wouldn’t be a test.  It would be debate.  May the best argument win.  Have you seen these attributes in any of the Republican presidential candidates?  If so, vote for him or her.  If not, challenge, and demand a different candidate.  Otherwise, I would contend, you are not the Republican that you think you are.

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