This page is intended to address common questions of religion, origin and meaning of life.  Much of this material may not be considered “new”, but when you have a biased opinion that isn’t really the point 🙂

How can something come from nothing?  If God doesn’t exist, what started the Big Bang?

No one has ever answered this question to satisfaction, because there is no known answer.  Simply plugging “God” into the equation is the equivalent to plugging a unicorn or an alien into the equation. Stating that some unknown, intangible force did it is a fine hypothesis, but has two major problems.  First, one can’t claim a specific god, so it could be my god or your god, or an infinite number of permutations.  So this claim doesn’t support any specific religion.  Second, and more important because it discounts the first claim is, if something can’t come from nothing, where did God come from?  One can’t use one argument to discount the Big Bang and then claim immunity from the argument for who created God.

What about consciousness?  How could this just evolve?  Surely some “designer” gave us consciousness.

Not knowing how something came to be doesn’t automatically allow a god to fill the gap of the unknown.  Over the last 15 years, no doctor has been able to explain the cause of my migraines either.  Therefore, Jesus gave me migraines.  It doesn’t work that way.  If we accepted that answer, we would stop searching for understanding in the same way a child has no defense to the parental response of “because I said so.”  We are intelligent human beings and while we may never uncover the true nature of consciousness, we have conceded any possibility of doing so once we accept that some divine entity gave this to us.

How can there be morality without God or religion?

I would respond by asking who could morality exist with either?  Let’s agree to put aside the biblical immoralities of genocide, slavery and misogyny for the moment and just focus on the present.  At best, present day religion provides some philanthropy.  I say “some” because you must remove the administrative overhead of the religion themselves which greatly dilutes the capital that goes to actual causes.  At worst, religion creates a segregated society.  My God is right, your God is wrong.  Homosexuality is evil.  It is the antithesis of unity, and continues even today to marginalize the role of women.  That doesn’t even touch “Non-Western” religions like Islam and Blasphemy laws in Muslim countries.  Mutilation of children’s genitalia, capital punishment for insulting religion, the list goes on.  Our greatest moral progress has come in spite of religion, not because of it.  True morality can only exist without religion.

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